Switching to Octopress

As you may be able to tell, the look of this site has drastically changed. I’ve been meaning to overhaul the theme for a while, and I decided I also wanted to try something different from Wordpress. In particular, I wanted more flexibility with embedding code, which Octopress seems to be particularly good at:

Hello, World!
def hello_world():
    print "Hello, World!"


Also, I just really like how Octopress blogs look by default. I’ve been fiddling with the theme on this today, and I’ll probably continue to fiddle with it going forward. Because Octopress serves static content, I feel like I have somewhat more control over the look and feel of my blog – and importantly, I can try out changes locally before deploying them, which was not something I could do with Wordpress.

Hurray for change and learning new tools!