Karl Taylor Compton Prize

This year, SIPB won the Karl Taylor Compton prize, which is the highest award that MIT bestows to students or student groups! I and some other folks went to the awards convocation to receive it from President Hockfield:

Thanks to all the SIPB members over the years who made this possible: this was certainly a multi-decade event in the making. From handing out computer time in the early 70’s, to developing Debathena, Scripts, and XVM over the last few years, SIPB has worked hard to help better the state of computing at MIT and everywhere else, and we will continue to do so in the future!


Every year, MIT holds a “campus preview weekend” (CPW) for the prefrosh to come see MIT and hopefully be enticed to come here next fall. Of course, this means that all the student groups and living groups busily scramble to throw awesome events, and hopefully recruit some of the prefrosh. So, as Chair of SIPB, I was nominally in charge of making sure all these events for SIPB happened, and I’m happy to say that I think they went really well!

Hackasaurus Rex

This past weekend, SIPB held a hackathon (an event where people come and work on various computer projects). SIPB, the Student Information Processing Board, is the student group at MIT in which I am most heavily involved. SIPB is essentially MIT’s computer club, and I had the honor of being elected Chair in February. Greg Brockman, my co-conspirator in SIPB administration (aka, the Vice Chair) organized the whole thing almost single-handedly – from finding sponsors and advertising on Facebook, to making sure there would be projects for everybody to work on.

Rustic Change Purse

Here’s a pattern that I came up with, for a piece I’ve titled “Rustic Change Purse”. It’s a nice little change purse and is pretty sturdy. So far I’m very happy with it! I made it over Christmas break while I snowed in back home in VA because I got tired of all the other knitting projects I was working on at the time.

Rustic Change Purse