A full list of projects that I have contributed to or maintain is available on GitHub.

I am currently a member of the Jupyter Steering Council and I also contribute to the following open source projects:

  • nbgrader (primary maintainer), a tool built on top of IPython to help instructors create and grade assignments in the IPython notebook.
  • Jupyter/IPython, an architecture for interactive computing.
  • nbflow (primary maintainer), a tool that supports one-button reproducible workflows with the Jupyter Notebook and Scons.
  • psiTurk, a platform for running psychological experiments on Amazon’s Mechanical Turk.
  • scenesim, a Python library for simulating and rendering physical scenes.

I also maintain several personal open source projects:

  • bayesian_quadrature, a Python library for using Bayesian quadrature methods.
  • gaussian_processes, a Python library for using Gaussian processes. While other Python implementations of Gaussian processes exist, this library is specifically designed to expose the underlying math (e.g., log-likelihoods, derivatives of the log-likelihood, etc.).
  • dbtools, a Python library that provides a simple interface to SQLite databases.

Many people also seem to find my emacs configuration helpful.